List Of Banks In Panama

List of Banks in Panama

In this page, we bring out a List of Banks in Panama.

Panama has a well-developed banking system and has become an important international banking hub for years, now the hub has more than 70 banks in the Bank Center.

In the List of Banks in Panama, we presented three general aspects of each bank: the most common bank name, the type of license granted and the capital source.

If you need more detailed information of each bank you can go to the dedicated bank page just click the link under each bank name.

List of Banks in Panama

AllbankGeneral LicenseVenezuela
BAC International BankGeneral LicenseColombia
Balboa BankGeneral LicensePanama
Banco AliadoGeneral LicensePanama
Banco AztecaGeneral LicenseMexico
Banco CitibankGeneral LicenseUSA
Banco DaviviendaGeneral LicenseColombia
Banco de BogotaGeneral LicenseColombia
Banco del PacificoGeneral LicenseEcuador
Banco DeltaGeneral LicensePanama
Banco FicohsaGeneral LicenseHonduras
Banco G&T ContinentalGeneral LicenseGuatemala
Banco GeneralGeneral LicensePanama
Banco Lafise PanamaGeneral LicenseNicaragua
Banco PanamaGeneral LicensePanama
Banco PichinchaGeneral LicenseEcuador
Banco PrivalGeneral LicensePanama
Banco UniversalGeneral LicensePanama
BancolombiaGeneral LicenseColombia
BanescoGeneral LicenseVenezuela
BANISIGeneral LicenseEcuador
BanistmoGeneral LicenseColombia
Bank of China LimitedGeneral LicenseChina
BanviviendaGeneral LicensePanama
BBP BankGeneral LicenseEcuador
BCT BankGeneral LicenseCosta Rica
BICSAGeneral LicenseCosta Rica
BLADEXGeneral LicenseMultinational
Canal BankGeneral LicensePanama
Capital BankGeneral LicensePanama
Citibank, Sucursal Panama N.A.General LicenseUSA
Credicorp BankGeneral LicensePanama
FPB BANKGeneral LicenseBrazil
Global BankGeneral LicensePanama
Korea Exchange BankGeneral LicenseSouth Korea
La HipotecariaGeneral LicensePanama
Mega International Commercial BankGeneral LicenseTaiwan
Mercantil BankGeneral LicenseVenezuela
MetrobankGeneral LicensePanama
MMG BankGeneral LicensePanama
MultibankGeneral LicensePanama
ProdubankGeneral LicenseEcuador
ScotiabankGeneral LicenseCanada
ST.Georges BankGeneral LicenseNicaragua
The Bank of Nova Scotia (Panama)General LicenseCanada
TowerbankGeneral LicensePanama
UnibankGeneral LicensePanama
ANDBANK (Panama)International LicenseAndorra
Atlantic Security BankInternational LicenseCayman Island
Austrobank Overseas (Panama)International LicenseEcuador
Bac BankInternational LicenseColombia
Banca Privada D'Andorra,( Panama )International LicenseAndorra
Banco Colpatria Sucursal PanamaInternational LicenseColombia
Banco Corficolombiana (Panama)International LicenseColombia
Banco Credit Andorra (Panama)International LicenseAndorra
Banco Credito del PeruInternational LicensePeru
Banco de Bogota (Panama)International LicenseColombia
Banco de la Nacion ArgentinaInternational LicenseArgentina
Banco de Occidente (Panama)International LicenseColombia
Banco Internacional de Peru (Interbank)International LicensePeru
Bancolombia (Panama)International LicenseColombia
BHD International Bank (Panama)International LicenseDominican Republic
BSI Bank (Panama)International LicenseSwiss
First Central International BankInternational LicenseVenezuela
GNB Sudameris BankInternational LicenseColombia
GTC Bank, Inc.International LicenseGuatemala
Helm Bank (Panama)International LicenseColombia
Inteligo BankInternational LicensePeru
International Union BankInternational LicenseVenezuela
PKB Banca Privada (Panama)International LicenseSwiss
Popular Bank & TrustInternational LicenseDominican Republic
Santander (Panama)International LicenseSpain
Scotiabank PeruInternational LicensePeru
TAG BANKInternational LicenseBrazil
Banco Nacional de PanamaState BankPanama
Caja de AhorrosState BankPanama

The Banks in Panama are categorized by the Panamanian Banking Law in three different types of Banks, according to the license granted: General License Bank, International License Bank, and Representation Office License; additionally, there are two State Owned banks as shown in the list above.

If you need more comparative statistics of the bank hub please visit our Panama Banks Statistics section.

Below is an explanation of each type of bank license.

  • State Bank

As you can see on the List of Banks in Panama there are two (2) State Banks, these banks can be generally viewed as safe and with good ratings.

The State Banks as their name implied are banks owned by the Government of Panama and under the Panamanian Banking Law.

They can perform business only at Panamanian territory.

  • General License Bank

This license type is the more commonly used among the Banks in Panama, in fact in the List of Banks in Panama publish here at Panama Banks you will find that the 62% of the Banks in Panama are under a General License.

This type of license allows the Bank do business in Panamanian territory as well as abroad, and therefore the more widespread used.

  • International License Bank

This license type is the less commonly used among the Banks in Panama, in fact in the List of Banks in Panama publish here at Panama Banks you will find that only 36% of the Banks in Panama are under an International License.

This type of license allows the Bank do business only overseas Panamanian territory.

  • Representation Office License

The Representation Office is not an authentic Bank per se; in fact, with this kind of license the Panamanian local authority do not award a Bank License and the right to do business as Bank, the asking Corporation for this license must have a granted License by another banking authority from abroad. In other words, an overseas Licensed Bank can establish a representation office at Panama Banking hub under this kind of license.

This Representation Offices are not listed on this List of Banks in Panama, as we publish all the Representation Office in a separated list.

If you would like to know more about the banking regulation please visit our Banking Law page where we write more about the banking rules.t

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